Beyond the Hype: The Real Benefit of Coral Calcium

Is there a real benefit of coral calcium? After painstaking research, the Editors of Internet ScamBusters have discovered that amidst all the hype, coral calcium has some interesting properties...

        With all the hoopla and hype, we decided to look into whether or not there is any real health benefit of coral calcium supplements.

        So, we did some extensive research on the benefit of calcium in general, and the benefit of coral calcium more specifically.

        A lot more real coral calcium research is certainly needed -- that's a given and always the case. However, based on our findings of the benefit of coral calcium...

Here Are Our Conclusions Based on What Is Known Today...

        Not surprisingly, a lot of what we know about the supposed benefit of coral calcium is just hype. We discuss these myths in our free Mini-Course, Coral Calcium Made Simple. You can click here to sign up to receive this free Coral Calcium Mini-Course where we debunk one myth -- often on a supposed benefit of coral calcium -- in each issue.

        Having said that, as you may know, calcium, whether you eat it in dietary (dairy) form, or take calcium supplements, has some real benefits to your body and your health.

        And there are additional benefits of coral calcium that we'll discuss below -- benefits that make choosing coral calcium over other calcium supplements a good idea.

        By now we all probably know the basic benefit of calcium generally -- we've had it drummed into our heads by the Dairy Council of America! Calcium helps give us strong bones (which helps prevent osteoporosis), strong teeth, and healthy hair and nails.

        What we discovered in our coral calcium research is that calcium is needed by every cell in your body! Next to water and air, the next most common substance in your body is calcium.

        Some of the calcium in your body (circulating calcium) also keeps your muscles, nerves, and blood working properly.

        Also, if you have a calcium deficiency, you may be at risk for one of the...

200 Diseases That Have Been Linked to
Not Getting Enough Calcium!

        And what's more, your body's ability to heal will slow without enough calcium.

        We discovered one benefit of calcium is that it promotes healing -- if you're deficient in calcium, a wound will take a lot longer to heal than it would if you had enough calcium in your body.

        Another potential benefit of calcium that has been recently uncovered (and still needs more research) is that it can help relieve PMS symptoms. It may be an effective alternative to antidepressants for women (without the side effects).

        Keeping your body working properly, helping prevent certain diseases, and speeding the healing and digestive processes -- calcium is vitally important to many parts of your health.

The Benefit of Coral Calcium

        Coral calcium provides you with all the benefits of regular calcium we discussed above... and then adds its own benefits. So to summarize, that means...
  1. benefit of coral calcium:
    strong bones

  2. benefit of coral calcium:
    strong teeth

  3. benefit of coral calcium:
    healthy hair

  4. benefit of coral calcium:
    healthy nails

  5. benefit of coral calcium:
    helps prevent osteoporosis

  6. benefit of coral calcium:
    keeps your muscles, nerves, and blood working properly

  7. benefit of coral calcium:
    promotes healing

  8. benefit of coral calcium:
    may help with weight loss

  9. benefit of coral calcium:
    may relieve PMS symptoms without the side effects of antidepressants

  10. benefit of coral calcium:
    helps prevent the 200 other diseases linked to calcium deficiencies
       In other words, the main benefit of coral calcium is that it can help you prevent disease and stay healthy.

        Now, on this page and the next, we're going to discuss four major benefits of coral calcium that you get as a bonus if you take coral calcium instead of a regular calcium supplement.

        These are really exciting, since as we mentioned elsewhere, studies show that we typically only absorb about 30% of the dietary calcium we eat!

        Now let's look at the first specific benefit of coral calcium based on the coral calcium research...

Benefit of Coral Calcium #1:
Coral Calcium Contains 70+ Additional Trace Minerals

        In addition to coral calcium, most above sea coral calcium supplements also contain 70+ trace minerals.

        A trace mineral is a mineral like iron or potassium that's found in trace (small) amounts. Our bodies contain many trace elements, and the function of a lot of them are not yet understood by scientists.

        Calcium needs to work with at least eight of these trace minerals in order to help your body. We believe it makes much more sense to take coral calcium, which already contains these trace minerals, than to try to get those trace minerals separately from diet or another supplement.

        The exact benefits of these trace minerals are not yet fully understood by scientists. However, we believe there is sufficient evidence to suggest that it is beneficial for health to take these trace minerals in the proportions they occur in the body and in coral calcium (which are very similar).

        This does not appear to apply, though, to below sea (or marine) coral calcium.

        If you're wondering how above sea coral calcium differs from marine coral calcium, you can take a look at our page on the subject.

        OK, now let's look at the second specific benefit of coral calcium...

Benefit of Coral Calcium #2:
Coral Calcium Improves Your Internal Acid/Alkaline Balance

        You may remember this from chemistry class: lemon juice is acidic, and milk is alkaline. You can measure how acidic or alkaline any food is by measuring its pH level (like the pH tests for pools and lakes).

        When you're a child, your body fluids like your saliva are alkaline. But as you get older, you may lose calcium and other minerals, and this can cause your body fluids to become more acidic.

        Many scientists believe that acidic body fluids lead to less oxygen in your cells, and that less oxygen can cause disease and accelerated aging.

        The benefit of coral calcium is that it causes your body fluids to become slightly alkaline. This means your body has more oxygen in its body fluids, and theoretically should help prevent certain diseases and the ravages of accelerated aging.

        Whole books have been written on this topic -- but more research is certainly needed.

        So far we have discussed two of the benefits of coral calcium. However, there are still two benefits to discuss, including one that everyone concerned about their weight and appearance needs to know about. Click here to learn more about this benefit of coral calcium.

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