Coral Calcium and Cancer:

What Is the Truth About Their Relationship?

Fact and fiction about the "coral calcium and cancer" relationship...

        If you've looked at other Web sites about coral calcium, you have most likely seen claims that coral calcium can cure cancer.

        We're very sorry to say that we've found no research that supports this idea that coral calcium cures cancer...

        Having lost several good friends to cancer, we certainly wish it did.

        This unsupported relationship between coral calcium and cancer is the primary reason the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has filed charges and sent dozens of warning letters to Web site operators for making 'false and unsubstantiated claims' about coral calcium and cancer.

The 'Coral Calcium and Cancer' Relationship

        So, what -- exactly -- is the relationship (if any) between coral calcium and cancer?

        Promoters say that taking coral calcium supplements changes the pH of cells towards the alkaline range, and that since cancer cells can't survive in an alkaline environment, they die off, 'curing' cancer.

        The research on coral calcium and cancer suggests that taking coral calcium may change the pH of your bodily fluids. However, cells, like your blood, maintain a neutral pH. They have to keep the same pH level, otherwise your body wouldn't work properly.

        Nothing you eat, whether food or supplement, will change how acidic your cells or your bloodstream are.

        Based on reviewing the available research on coral calcium and cancer, we believe that taking coral calcium supplements, as part of a healthy lifestyle, combined with diet and exercise, may be helpful in preventing cancer. One study has suggested that calcium can help prevent colon cancer. However, as we said above, there is no evidence that coral calcium cures cancer.

        Much more research is clearly needed to see whether or not there is any relationship at all between coral calcium and cancer.

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