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Which form of calcium from coral is best for you -- powder, pills, or liquid?

        With hundreds of products based on calcium from coral on the market, you have your choice of how you take your coral calcium.

        Some of it should be based on personal preference -- we know people who prefer powder over capsules or visa versa.

        But the form that calcium from coral comes in can affect how useful it is to your body -- not to mention whether you're getting the most bang for your buck when you're buying a coral calcium supplement.

        This section of our site discusses the three main forms of calcium from coral:

Bottom Line Summary

        If you want to know the bottom line before you read on, we'll give it to you: We highly recommend the powder form of coral calcium.

        We also recommend the pill form of calcium from coral, if you have specific reasons for taking a pill over a powder.

        We do not recommend the liquid form of coral calcium.

        For the reasons behind our recommendations, click on the links above, or the link below which will take you through the explanations of the different forms of calcium from coral. Read on to find out more about the powder form of calcium from coral.

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