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        Coral reef calcium is another term for coral calcium (or calcium coral) -- since all coral calcium comes from coral reefs.

A Brief Background

        Coral reefs grow in and above the ocean. Tiny coral polyps eat plankton, which is rich in minerals, and then produce coral reef calcium, which is added to the reef. In this way, the reefs are built up through a slow process that takes thousands of years.

        The best coral reef calcium is believed to come from the Okinawan prefecture (region) off the coast of Japan.

        Just a small group of companies harvest the coral reef calcium, refine and grind it, and produce either raw material or the finished product that we take as coral calcium.

        Since there are only 12 or so companies producing the basic coral reef calcium from the same small region in the world, you may think that all coral reef calcium is alike.

        Not so.

        These companies harvest the coral reef calcium from two types of locations in Okinawa -- either from above the ocean (the product is then known as above sea coral calcium, or fossilized coral calcium), or below the ocean (known as below sea coral calcium, or marine coral calcium).

        The harvesting methods for each type of coral reef calcium are different -- and so is the source and end product.

        That's why it's critical that you understand the difference between the two types of coral reef calcium -- and why we've devoted the next few pages to discussing the pluses and minuses of marine and fossilized coral calcium.

        Again, our goal is to break through the hype. While we have a strong preference for one type over the other, we're not going to push it on you. Read on and decide for yourself. Then you can come to an informed conclusion.

        Click here to read about the first type of coral reef calcium we'll be discussing: marine or sea coral calcium, harvested from below the water.

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