About Japan Coral Calcium...

Why Japan coral calcium is considered the best coral calcium -- plus the fascinating story behind Okinawan Coral Calcium...

        Japan coral calcium comprises the vast majority of the world's supply of coral calcium.

        This is for two reasons. First, Japan coral calcium is believed by scientists and others to have the highest level of purity once it has been processed.

        Some firms are starting to include coral calcium from other countries, such as the Caribbean. They almost never reveal where this coral calcium comes from. Since the quality is unknown compared to Japan coral calcium, at this time we recommend using only products that are 100% pure Japan coral calcium.

        Second, the Japanese were the first to see the benefits of taking coral calcium as a supplement. Four million Japanese currently take Japan coral calcium, as opposed to only 50,000 people U.S. (though the U.S. figures are growing steadily every year).

        Although you may see hundreds of companies and sites on the Web selling Japan coral calcium, there are only about 12 companies that harvest Japan coral calcium. These twelve companies then provide either raw or processed coral calcium to manufacturers and distributors worldwide.

        Narrowing down the location even further, most Japan coral calcium (and therefore, most coral calcium in the world) comes from the prefecture (region) of Okinawa.

        Why Okinawa? Therein lies a tale...

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