A PMS Remedy?

Calcium is now being seen as an interesting PMS remedy. Doctors and women are beginning to see calcium as an effective PMS remedy -- especially as an alternative to antidepressants...

        As many people know, PMS can cause mood swings, bloating, and other medical problems ranging from annoying to severe. More than 1 in 3 women suffer from PMS -- and 1 in 20 suffer so badly that PMS affects how they live their lives.

Is Calcium a PMS Remedy?

        A recent Wall Street Journal article suggests doctors are finding that extra calcium can take the edge off PMS and be a help for PMS sufferers.

        And a 1998 study found that taking calcium supplements can reduce the symptoms of PMS by almost half. That's a fascinating PMS remedy.

        The group in the study who took 1,200 mg of a calcium supplement daily found that their PMS symptoms -- emotional changes, water retention, food cravings, and pain -- all dropped by various amounts.

        The researchers suggested that some of the effects of taking calcium as a PMS remedy were as good as taking Prozac and Xanax for the depression, mood swings, and overall PMS symptoms. More research on calcium as a PMS remedy is, of course, needed.

        Instead of harsh prescription drugs, you may want to talk to your doctor about giving calcium a try as a PMS remedy. It seems like it's an up-and-coming PMS remedy that you can take in a healthy way.

        Read on to see the different reviews of products -- it may provide you with the PMS remedy you are seeking.

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