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Discover the truth about coral calcium as we take you 'behind the scenes' and blow apart the most common myths -- from the Editors of Internet ScamBusters

        Just like you need to know the truth about coral calcium and what it is, you need to know what it is not.

        Here's where the hype and hoopla Web sites about coral calcium fall down. They think that by making outrageous or just plain untrue claims that they can get more customers.

        They are unconcerned about presenting the truth about coral calcium.

       The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has filed charges and sent dozens of strong warning letters to Web site operators for making 'false and unsubstantiated claims' about coral calcium.

        We feel that the only way you can make an informed decision is to tell you everything about coral calcium - the truth: what it can do, and what it cannot.

Three Coral Calcium Myths

The Truth About Coral Calcium:
Coral Calcium Myth #1 - Coral calcium cures cancer.

        This myth is the focus of the FTC's actions.

        What the hype sites say is that coral calcium can cure cancer. More specifically, they claim that taking coral calcium supplements will change the pH of your cells towards the alkaline range, and that cancer cells can't survive in an alkaline environment.

        pH in your cells is just like pH in your pool -- it's a measure of how acidic or alkaline something is.

        The truth about coral calcium: Cells, like your blood, maintain a neutral pH -- it's critical to their function. Nothing you eat will change the acidity of your cells or your bloodstream.

        There is no research that shows coral calcium cures cancer. It's a myth. Don't believe it.

The Truth About Coral Calcium:
Coral Calcium Myth #2 - Coral calcium is responsible for the long life of the Okinawan people.

        The majority of coral calcium comes from the prefecture (region) of Okinawa, Japan. And Okinawans are known to live longer than many other people, including Westerners. (If you haven't already, you can learn more about the long life of the Okinawan people by clicking here.)

        Hype sites will tell you that this means that consuming coral calcium will automatically extend your life, since it did so for the Okinawans.

        The truth about coral calcium: Vitamin and mineral intake is only one part of what determines how long a person lives. There are all sorts of other factors, like genetics, the environment, and stress. Coral calcium may be a contributor to the longevity of the Okinawans, but it's certainly not the only factor.

The Truth About Coral Calcium:
Coral Calcium Myth #3 - You can take as much coral calcium as you want, and it's safe in any quantity.

        The hype promoters would love you to believe this, so they can sell even more products to you.

        The truth about coral calcium: Anything in life (including water!) is harmful in very large quantities.

        Research suggests that if you get more calcium than your body needs, it will eliminate the rest. However, it may create an imbalance in your body, especially in the mineral balance.

        For example, if you take in too much liquid calcium, you could get hypercalcemia. Although no research shows that this is a problem for people taking too much powder coral calcium, why take the chance?

        So, be careful. Don't believe that unlimited dosages are just fine. And avoid any company that tells you it's 'all you can eat.'

        We've got lots more myths to debunk on the next few pages. Click here to learn more about the truth about coral calcium.

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